Global Growth Highlights: Green Energy

Green Energy

ATCO started investing in alternative energy solutions more than 21 years ago with the construction of our first gas-fired cogeneration plant at Taylor, British Columbia. Since then, the company has continued to strive to minimize its environmental impact throughout its global operations.

In Canada, we are currently working closely and collaboratively with governments to address climate change issues, now that the federal Minister of the Environment has set parameters for eliminating traditional coal-fired electricity generation.

While coal has been the mainstay of base-load power generation in Alberta, ATCO continues to explore opportunities to leverage its experience and resources to develop new sources of sustainable energy and advance ATCO’s vision for a “green corridor.” The vision of the green corridor is to supply non-emitting sources of power, such as hydro generation, from northern Alberta and Canada's North. We believe this new hydro generation could eventually replace output from our coal-fired power plants.