Community & Indigenous Relations​

Children of the community with skis

​Our Approach

Effective community and Indigenous relations requires a long-term perspective built on respect, trust and genuine openness. These fundamental characteristics have long defined our approach.

We provide essential energy and infrastructure services in hundreds of communities all over the world. This means we have a unique role to play in improving the quality of life of our customers and neighbours. 

We look to go beyond simple engagement. Instead, we focus on creating partnerships that contribute to economic and social development. Along with our Indigenous and community partners, we are pioneering new models of collaboration. 

Our Indigenous Relations Steering Committee and Indigenous Relations Committee meet regularly to share learnings and best practices between our diverse lines of business. We also provide educational opportunities to promote cultural awareness among our people and maintain several ongoing education awards and scholarship programs for Indigenous students.

Our Commitment

We commit to:

  • ​​Striving to understand and meet the needs and interests of the communities we serve through sincere consultation and transparent engagement;
  • Engaging with governments, regulators, landowners, and Indigenous and community groups that may be affected by our operations; 
  • Pursuing partnerships with communities and Indigenous groups on business opportunities that deliver shared social and economic benefits, and working collaboratively to develop new infrastructure solutions;
  • Where possible, developing partnerships with non-profit organizations and offering support through employee volunteer efforts, expertise and financial support; and
  • Where possible, building mutually beneficial commercial relationships with local suppliers.

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