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Nicole Nicholas12/29/2017 10:53 AMNews0 Approved
Bundle up, Alberta! a limited time, ATCOenergy’s Bundle Up promotion helps you stay warm this winter.
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Hydro Acquisition in Mexico Boosts ATCO’s Global Renewable Energy Portfolio, we announced an agreement to acquire Electricidad del Golfo (EGO) Hydro. Read more...
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Leading the Charge with Electric Vehicles have announced a partnership with FLO to bring the first Electric Vehicle Universal Fast Charge Corridor to Alberta. Read more...
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Investing in our Communities
Investing In Our Communities​It’s our privilege to give back to the causes that matter the most to you.
Runke, Justin11/20/2017 10:17 AM0 Approved
Modular Solutions Enhance Student Experience at Trinity Western Universityarticle so many first-year university students, a big part of their post-secondary experience comes from living in residence. It’s their first home away from home and their first taste of independent adulthood.
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Giving the gift of free energy new residential customers that make the switch to ATCOenergy from now until December 28, 2017 will receive free energy in January and February. Read more...
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The Lloydminster LED Conversion and Intelligent Street Lighting Pilot Project’ve partnered with the City of Lloydminster on an exciting LED Conversion and Intelligent Street Lighting Pilot Project. Read more...
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ATCO’s Hybrid House Project Reduces Home Emissions By 75 per cent it’s solar projects, distributed generation technologies or edge-of-grid solutions, our people are pioneering imaginative energy solutions. Read more...
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ATCO Home-On-The-Go Makes Home Life, A Little Easier it’s festivals, markets or community events, our new Home-On-The-Go brings our complete collection of trusted household products and services to communities across Alberta. Read more...
Nicole Nicholas10/20/2017 4:01 PMIn Our Communities0 Approved
New Ehpewapahk Alternative School sets students up for success partnered with the Ermineskin Cree Nation to build an all new, technology-focused school. Learn more...
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Always there. Anywhere. Canada’s northern territories to the nation’s capital - we are proud to serve our customers wherever they need us. Read more...
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Supporting Rural Communities believe in building strong, thriving communities. Read more...
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Feeding the Firefighters Battling the B.C. Blaze helped establish a base camp for the brave firefighters battling the blaze. Read more...
Runke, Justin7/6/2017 5:01 PMIn Our Communities0 Approved
Supplying Modular Units for the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth has been the Stampede’s provider of modular buildings for years, providing dozens of modular buildings to support a variety of essential operational functions for the 10-day celebration.
Nicole Nicholas7/6/2017 4:55 PMIn Our Communities0 Approved
Visit Our Energy Education Mobile at the Calgary Stampede visiting the Calgary Stampede, you can feel the energy in the air. Read more...
Runke, Justin7/6/2017 4:52 PMIn Our Communities0 Approved
Keeping Kids Safe at the Calgary Stampede provide your family with some peace of mind as you celebrate the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth, we’re pleased to once again offer the ATCO Lost Kids Program.
Nicole Nicholas7/6/2017 4:40 PMIn Our Communities0 Approved
ATCO Saddles Up for the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth have a lasting partnership with the Calgary Stampede spanning more than seven decades. Read more...
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Father’s Day Recipes: Barbecue, Burgers & Baking Father's Day with a few of your dad’s favourite things: barbecue, burgers and baking.
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ATCO Celebrates 70 Years of Growth Alongside the Global Energy Sector’ve been an indelible part of the global energy industry for 70 years. Find out more...
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ATCO in Your Community – March & April Update are committed to creating healthy, vibrant communities. Learn more...
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Celebrate Alberta’s Roots with New ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen Cookbook’re celebrating our 70-year history in Alberta with ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen’s 2017 From Our Roots cookbook. Read more...
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Helping Rehabilitated Eagles Take we partnered with the Alberta Society for Injured Birds of Prey to release two rehabilitated eagles in our Indigenous communities. Read more...
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Game on: ATCO and the Edmonton Oilers partner to support amateur hockey in Grande Prairie are hitting the ice with the Edmonton Oilers this weekend in Grande Prairie for the 9th annual Oilers Hockey Clinic. Read more...
Nicole Nicholas5/18/2017 10:11 AM0 Approved
Making history, Nancy Southern joins her Father in the Canadian Business Hall of Fame Chair, President & CEO, Nancy Southern, will join her father and ATCO’s founder, R.D. Southern, as a Companion in the Canadian Business Hall of Fame. Read more...
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Soak up the Summer Savings! so many great things to do, we want to help our customers save on their home energy costs so they can soak up more fun this summer. Read more...
Runke, Justin5/12/2017 4:46 PMNews0 Approved
Mother’s Day Recipes: Brunch, Dinner & Dessert this Mother’s Day a memorable one for the mom in your life. The Blue Flame Kitchen has compiled a list of recipes to help you celebrate her special day with family, friends, and of course kids.
Runke, Justin5/11/2017 4:43 PMNews0 Approved
Fighting the good fight – construction ramps up for Montreal Health Institute’s temporary facility help keep the Montreal Heart Institute fully functional during its four-year construction, we collaborated with the Montreal Health Institute to deliver a unique solution – a post-disaster and para seismic medical building.
Runke, Justin5/10/2017 1:51 PM0 Approved
ATCO hosts 2017 Annual General Meeting hosts 2017 Annual General Meeting
Runke, Justin5/9/2017 4:45 PMNews0 Approved
ATCO – Always there. Anywhere. take the safety and security of our customers and the communities we serve very seriously. That’s why for 11 years, ATCO has proudly supported the Disaster Forum.
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