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The Saddle Hills Telecommunications Site in remote Northwest Alberta represents the largest energized project of its kind in Western Canada.

The unmanned site is an integral part of our telecommunications network. As the site’s power generators neared the end of their life cycles, we had a vision for a cleaner and less expensive way to keep the site up and running – solar energy.

The system can generate 75 kilowatt hours of energy using 288 solar panels, it can also store 250 kilowatt hours of energy in an onsite battery bank. This is the equivalent of five full days of total reserve energy to keep the site fully powered.

“This is just one example of how we are finding opportunities to economically reduce our carbon footprint while exploring innovative clean energy solutions for our customers,” said Paul Goguen, Senior Vice President & General Manager of Transmission & Distribution, Electricity.  “Through this project, we have gained valuable insight into the application of off-grid solar solutions that is directly transferrable and scalable for our customers in other sectors.”

This project wasn’t without its challenges. With a cooler climate and fewer hours of daylight at the site, how do you build and maintain an effective solar solution? Together with the Alternative Energy Program at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) we developed a solution that was both technically viable and cost-effective.

We are excited to share our stories with you as we continue to develop innovative off-grid or rooftop solar solutions for customers and communities across Alberta.


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