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ATCO Structures & Logistics: Employer of the Year
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ATCO Structures & Logistics has been recognized as Employer of the Year by the Southeast Advocates for Employment (SAFE).

SAFE is an organization that works with the Saskatchewan and federal government in helping find employment and building job skills for people in need of work. ATCO Structures & Logistics received the award for its Lodge near Estevan, Saskatchewan.

ATCO has employed six SAFE clients since it opened in February of 2010. SAFE Employment Consultant, Rory Flemming said that every SAFE client who has gone to work at ATCO has expressed their belief that they are lucky to have the job.

“The ATCO Lodge has good working conditions and high morale among its staff,” said Mr. Flemming.

ATCO Lodge Manager, Jeannette Betteridge, accepted the award on ATCO’s behalf.

“I think the award says a lot about ATCO in terms of the opportunities it provides to people,” said Betteridge. “If you provide people with the right opportunity and treat them well, you get it back ten-fold.”

The ATCO Lodge in Estevan is a full-service work camp, providing hotel/motel-like accommodation and meals. It employs 21 people – most from the Estevan region.


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