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Energizing Alberta with the Next Generation Substation

Electricity-Grid Graphic.jpgATCO is committed to keeping communities energized. For decades, we’ve built the electricity infrastructure needed for Alberta’s growing population to thrive. Every day, the hard-working men and women of ATCO strive to maintain the integrity of the electrical system and identify innovative ways to improve service delivery to our customers. For example, we developed a more efficient and environmentally friendly method to construct a key component of the electrical grid that will help to lower costs and reduce land use. We call it: the Next Generation Substation.  

Plug a power cord into the wall, and electricity instantly brings your tools and devices to life. This modern convenience wouldn’t be possible without electrical substations reducing the voltage of electricity produced from power plants so that homes and business get just the right amount of electricity to be safe. ATCO owns and maintains more than 185 substations across northern and central-eastern Alberta that help to keep homes humming and businesses booming.

ATCO’s Next Generation Substation design reimagines the traditional substation by reducing its size, making it quicker to build, and lowering the cost of construction. The new design costs 46 per cent less to build, can be completed three months faster, and takes up to 55 per cent less land area than the previous 144-25 kilovolt (kV) substation model. This produces a number of important environmental benefits such as requiring less natural resources to build, disturbing less land area, and less fuel consumption during the building phase. We have also redesigned the larger 240-144 kV substations, which are projected to reduce the cost of construction by 25 per cent over the old design.

Several ATCO Next Generation Substations are in active service across northern Alberta and more are planned as we continue to improve Alberta’s electrical grid and power the province for the future.

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