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For so many first-year university students, a big part of their post-secondary experience comes from living in residence. It’s their first home away from home and their first taste of independent adulthood. For 132 students at Trinity Western University in Langley, British Columbia, this experience will be enjoyed in the new Skidmore Hall, a 33,000 sq. ft.  dormitory constructed from 47 of our modular units.

The newly opened three-storey residence was designed closely with the school's administration to provide the perfect backdrop for students' development. Not only does the new complex help the university accommodate its growing student population, it also helps students develop lasting relationships by effectively blending private and shared spaces for all aspects of student life.

Designed for Student Life

Divided between apartment-style suites and dual-occupancy suites, Skidmore Hall contains many features that help students adjust to life with multiple roommates. One of key features of the building is the individually enclosed bathroom facilities that allow students to use the toilet, shower and sink separately and simultaneously. It also offers ample storage to accommodate each student’s essentials, while offering extra storage for personal belongings and comforts from home.

Each apartment-style suite includes a kitchen and common lounge area for students to gather together, study and relax. The dual-occupancy suites house four students in two bedrooms, and allow newer students to get to know one another. Common gathering spaces including lounges, shared laundry and kitchens help to facilitate relationship-building between students.

Skidmore Hall was also designed with double walls and ceilings to help block outside noise and 9-foot ceilings to create a spacious feel, while exposed wood columns and beams provide a warm, natural atmosphere for students to call home.

Cost-effective Construction

Maximizing the advantages of modular construction, Skidmore Hall was built in only nine months, compared to the 12 - 14 months needed for traditional construction. Because our units are manufactured in a controlled environment, we were able to install them quickly on-site over the summer to minimize disturbance on campus.

More than just modular units and nuts and bolts, the new Skidmore Hall residence embodies the community spirit of Trinity Western University and will serve as the setting for many life-changing stories and amazing educational experiences for years to come.


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