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Investing In Our Communities

​It’s our privilege to give back to the causes that matter the most to you. 

In the last few months alone, we’ve gone from the sandbox to the fire hall – building a new playground in Hanna, Alberta and donating CO alarms to the hardworking firefighters of Rocky View County. Our commitment to providing volunteers, expertise, gifts-in-kind and financial support has touched nearly 200 communities across Alberta! 

Community-presentation.jpg Community-Firehall.jpg

Another way we meet the unique needs of our communities is by offering a variety of special event equipment, free-of-charge to community event organizers. This includes everything from canopies to portable barbecues. By loaning out our equipment, we’re helping event organizers reduce their rental costs, all the while providing equipment that helps ensure a successful event. 

So far this year, we’ve fulfilled nearly 800 requests in 125 communities across Alberta, totalling approximately $600,000 in “equipment-in-kind” donations. In addition, we often loan our equipment in combination with a cash sponsorship or as part of an employee volunteer effort. 


Learn more​ about our Equipment Loaner Program and how we invest in your community.


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