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It’s a day to reflect, honour and commemorate the brave men and women who defend our country.  For the 13th consecutive year, ATCO honoured leaders from the Canadian Forces during ATCO Military Family Day, hosted at Spruce Meadows’ North American Tournament on July 7.

More than 20 military leaders and their families from across Canada were selected by their Commanding Officers to participate in the special event that features distinguished speakers, the Feu de Joie rifle salute, numerous children attractions, military museum exhibit and much more.

This year marks a significant event in Canadian history – the 100th anniversary of The Battle of Moreuil Wood.  The battle was the last Canadian cavalry charge of the Great War, which included soldiers of Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadians).

It occurred on March 30, 1918, on the banks of the Arve River in France.  The Canadian Cavalry Brigade, headed by Lieutenant Gordon Muriel Flowerdew, forced the withdrawal of the 23rd German Division from Moreuil Wood. The charge was hard fought, took a tremendous toll and made a significant difference in determining the outcome of World War I.

“The town of Moreuil was a key objective for the Germans as they would gain access to the railroad leading to the city of Amiens, which in turn would act as the launching point of an attack on Paris,” said Captain Strathcona Mounted Troop Leader, Sean Coughlan. “The Canadians were able to prevent the initial German capture of Moreuil by conducting an audacious attack on the woods at Moreuil. This would all lead to the loss of momentum on their 1918 offensive and eventual collapse of the frontline.”

Captain Coughlan has been a Ceremonial Mounted Troop Leader for just over a year and had the pleasure of leading the Troop to France for the centennial celebration this past March. During the celebration, the regiment was granted ‘Freedom of the City’ from the Mayor of Moreuil as a sign of gratitude for their heroic actions 100 years ago.

“For the Strathconas the Battle of Moreuil Wood holds a very dear place in all our hearts,” said Captain Coughlan. “Its commemoration provides us not only with the time to reflect on what those individuals gave on that day, but also time to reflect on the sacrifices that continue to be given today by all our military, both present and past.”



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