Recruitment Fraud

What is recruitment fraud?

Recruitment fraud can take many forms including email, text, phone call or website job posting. Often an individual or group will claim to represent ATCO or one of its companies and will approach job seekers with the prospect of employment. The intention of the fraud is to build trust through subsequent communications and then ask potential victims to pay fees or provide personal information and/or copies of personal documents (eg. Passports).

ATCO is committed to an ethical and fair recruitment process. We take these attempts to de-fraud the public very seriously.

ATCO Recruitment Practices

If you are unsure if a position is legitimate, the following is a list of guidelines that ATCO follows in all of its recruiting activities:

  • ATCO will never make a job offer without conducting a formal recruitment process that includes an interview with ATCO personnel.
  • ATCO will never request money or payment of fees from applicants.
  • All available non-executive positions with ATCO are listed at this website – . If you find an ATCO job opportunity listed on another website please verify the position through ATCO’s career website. Also, ATCO will never initiate contact with people who have posted job-seeking advertisements online.

What Should You Do?

We encourage all qualified job seekers to apply for ATCO employment opportunities using the online application process through this website –

If you believe you have been approached as part of a fraudulent recruitment process, we advise you to contact your local police authority and provide them with all relevant information.