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You focus on the wellhead, let us worry about the rest.

From our ubiquitous yellow-striped trailers, which have become fixtures in drill camps and at well sites around the world, to behind-the-fence electricity solutions and innovative water services, we’ve been an indelible part of the global energy industry for 70 years.

Over the course of those seven decades, the industry has evolved – and so have we. We are more than a pipeline, more than trailer, more than a transmission line or a power station business. Our integrated energy infrastructure expertise allows us to deliver comprehensive and coordinated energy solutions to customers anywhere in the world and, more importantly, gives you the confidence to focus on what you do best.

A leader in industrial water and energy storage solutions

While we have played a key role in the growth of Alberta’s Industrial Heartland for more than 65 years, we continue to find opportunities to expand our suite of premier products and services. In 2016, we launched an innovative water treatment service in the region, a critical process for many of our industrial customers, and expanded our temporary water services to meet the short-term water needs of customers. By incorporating these new services into our integrated multi-user water system, which is already providing water storage and transportation solutions to the region, we can meet our customers’ industrial water needs and allow them to focus on their core business.

Momentum also continues to build for our energy storage solutions at the ATCO Heartland Energy Centre. With our first two natural gas liquids (NGL) salt caverns recently completed, we continue to identify opportunities to make life easier for our customers. With the potential to develop upwards of 40 additional caverns, the ATCO Heartland Energy Centre can be expanded to offer multiple transportation options, including pipelines, rail and truck – solving many of the logistical challenges of moving NGLs to market.

Behind the fence and beyond – we bring the power to you

Our vertically integrated electricity expertise is second to none. From generation to transmission and distribution, we redefine what’s possible for customers in Alberta and around the world.

As a world-class transmission and distribution owner and operator with more than 88,000 km of electric power lines across Canada, we are uniquely positioned to offer oilfield customers innovative and cost-effective electricity engineering design, planning, project management, construction and maintenance solutions – both inside and outside our regulated service area.

Meanwhile, our distributed generation solutions can help unlock real value at both isolated and grid-connected sites. Our modular electricity generation solutions are flexible and scalable, providing reliable, highly efficient and cost-effective electricity to industrial and energy-sector customers around the world.

Thinking beyond the box

Our Structures & Logistics business has grown alongside Canada’s energy sector, providing complete worksite solutions to enterprising wildcatters and international supermajors alike. Built on nearly 70 years of providing structure solutions and essential services, we enable our customers to live and work safely and comfortably, anywhere in the world.

Beyond delivering the iconic yellow-striped modular units seen in Alberta’s oilfields, the Eastern Arctic and the Australian Outback, our world-class product offering includes blast-resistant structures, lodging and support services, and facility operations and maintenance solutions to keep your camps running smoothly.

To help our customers work more efficiently, we deliver complete operational support solutions, from roads and equipment maintenance to water and wastewater treatment, including fuel supply and airfield services. As part of our turnkey camp service offering, we also provide a full range of lodging and camp services, including food services, housekeeping, security and administrative support.

If you’ll be at GPS 2017, stop by and learn how our integrated energy solutions can make your life easier at booth #1324.



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