• New Report Finds: ATCO is leader in hydrogen future

    ATCO is at the fore-front of Australia’s sustainable energy developments with our Clean Energy Innovation Hub (CEIH), as outlined in a new report, Hydrogen Innovation- Delivering on the Vision released last week.

    Two years ago, Energy Networks Australia launched Gas Vision 2050 – a vision that describes how transformational technologies can be deployed to achieve reliable, secure energy and cost-effective carbon reductions from gaseous fuel use.  

    Since then, industry has invested in research and development, policy analysis and pilot projects to demonstrate these new technologies, with a focus on the role of hydrogen.

    The latest report, released last week at the 2019 Australian Pipelines and Gas Association Convention and Exhibition outlined significant progress by ATCO and leading energy partners from across Australia, that are investigating how homes, businesses and industry can be powered by hydrogen.

    ATCO’s Australian Gas Division President Stevan Green said the CEIH is playing an instrumental role in this vision.

    “The Hub is an Australian first,  industry-leading research and development facility for testing different combinations of clean energy technology including photovoltaics, batteries, gas-powered turbines and the production, storage and end-use of ‘green’,” Mr Green said.

    “Pure ‘green’ hydrogen is stored in a high-pressure storage vessel then distributed within the micro-grid as a blended fuel for normal consumption, as a direct fuel for testing and for back-up power to a residential hybrid energy home.

    Mr Green added this report demonstrates the important innovations by ATCO and others to advance a hydrogen future and how hydrogen will shape the future of a sustainable energy solution, which is reliable and safe for customers and will significantly reduce emissions.

    “Hydrogen could have a large role to play in the future of energy, from homes, business, vehicles and more,” he said.

    ATCO owns and operates Western Australia’s largest natural gas network - delivering natural gas to more than 760,000 homes and businesses.  Our company is working to realise the full potential of our infrastructure for the benefit of our customers, suppliers, retailers, and the broader community.

    To download the report click here