• Reg the Egg returns to teach families about gas safety

    Image of Reg the Egg with staff promoting the ATCO winter safety campaign

    This winter, ATCO is sharing the easy steps to ensure natural gas customers use their appliances safely during the cooler months, as part of its latest safety campaign.

    Featuring ATCO’s official safety mascot, Reg the Egg, this year’s campaign focuses on the importance of using gas appliances correctly; having them serviced regularly; as well as the dangers of carbon monoxide.

    “Fortunately, gas-related carbon monoxide poisoning isn’t a common occurrence in Western Australia, however, it is important that people are aware of how they can effectively manage any potential risks,” said General Manager Network Operations, Russell Godsall.

    “By ensuring there is adequate ventilation when using gas heaters or other appliances; only using appliances for what they’ve been designed for and keeping up regular servicing; you and your family will go a long way towards having a safe, warm and wonderful winter.”

    Reg the Egg is encouraging the community to take part in his gas safety quiz, offering the chance for participants to win a $1,499 gas barbecue from Winning Appliances.

    He also made an appearance at the Carlton vs. Fremantle AFL match on 30 June, to offer more gas safety tips and the chance for families to win a voucher towards a new winter appliance.

    For more on gas safety, visit: yourgas.com.au

    ATCO, owns, operates and maintains the largest gas network in Western Australia. ATCO has more than 14,000km of distribution pipelines connecting over 760,000 consumers.