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ATCO has a proven reputation for providing reliable and responsible solutions for a wide range of industrial water needs.

From design and construction, through to operations and management of fully-integrated systems, the infrastructure investments we’ve made, combined with our industrial water expertise, make ATCO the perfect partner to deliver leading solutions.

Based on over three decades of experience and more than $70 million in existing assets, our infrastructure design offerings now include:

  • Water supply and return infrastructure (intakes, wells, outfalls)
  • Pump stations
  • Water transportation (pipeline and truck)
  • Storage (tanks and ponds)
  • Water and wastewater treatment
  • Wastewater recycling and disposal

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Water Transportation

With our existing infrastructure as the backbone of our experience we can deliver the water that our customers need quickly, reliably, cost-effectively and sustainably.


Water stored at our facilities provides security of supply for our customers and the ability to meet short-term spikes in demand.

ATCO have a number of in ground and above ground water storage facilities, with 30,000m3 ponds as well as above ground tanks.

Our experience also extends to wastewater storage, in the form of 600,000m3 capacity brine ponds, used for salt cavern operations.

Water Treatment

ATCO has decades of experience working with water treatment operators as well as owning and operating its own facilities, one of which supports the ATCO-owned Karratha Power Station in Western Australia.



In Australia, ATCO is ready to partner with the mining and resource industry to deliver low cost, efficient and effective industrial water solutions to major projects. Through our sustainable approach we will minimise disruption to the environment, free up valuable space onsite at customer operations and, most importantly, allow the customer to focus on their core business.

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Electricity Generation

Learn more about our electricity generation facilities in Western Australia and South Australia.