Modular Structures

Permanent Modular Construction

Offsite modular construction offers efficiencies over in-situ

Adapt to changing real estate demands with permanent modular buildings that combine the durability of stick built structures with the flexibility of modular. Permanent structures manufactured in a controlled environment are quick to construct, durable and still allow for contemporary design. They are ideal for hotels, multi-unit housing, offices, classrooms, and healthcare facilities.

We specialise in modular residential and office buildings with the architectural aesthetic of an in-situ construction, delivering outside-the-box, custom designed buildings and villages for the most specific requirements.

With the advantages of a guaranteed faster build, assured high quality, and efficiency control, modular is the intelligent construction solution. It offers you choice of materials, flexible design and greater collaboration to produce innovative and sophisticated permanent buildings rivalling any traditional counterpart.


    When you need housing for a group or community, quickly and affordably, a modular structure can be built in a fraction of the time, while meeting strict building codes and seamlessly incorporated into its surroundings. The life of these buildings can be extended beyond their initial uses into other affordable housing options like student and senior housing.


    Modular buildings are a great solution for commercial offices of any size, including contemporary corporate headquarters that require a variety of spaces. Healthcare and education buildings that require space for a variety of uses can also benefit from the flexibility that offsite construction offers.