Permanent Modular Construction

Government, Health & Custodial

Permanent modular buildings for businesses, education and public institutions

Every town needs public services and businesses to serve its residents, and we want to help provide the best spaces for commerce and critical infrastructure. Whether it's a school, college, offices, healthcare facility or correctional facility, permanent offsite construction can help bring your organization's mission to reality.

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Education Buildings

From primary and secondary to university and vocational education and training, education programs need the right building, one that can be built with offsite construction for durability and customised features. Modern technology can be worked into the design and the facility can be built in a shorter time than stick-built schools. 

Not only can schools be built using permanent offsite construction, but their corresponding student housing can benefit from the shorter time and flexibility that permanent modular buildings offer.


Offices and Retail

Create administrative, commercial offices and retail storefronts that serve your customers and show off your business. Highly customisable and built to last, permanent modular buildings can be built efficiently, anywhere, any size. 



Provide adequate healthcare facilities for your community with modular medical centres. Whether it's an expansion to an existing healthcare facility or a new medical centre, permanent modular healthcare buildings can be configured to incorporate state-of-the-art equipment to help you deliver the highest level of care to patients.


Correctional Facilities

Flexible, yet strong, permanent modular construction is well suited for correctional facilities. The facility can be built with the security features you need, and the size required to accommodate the population.