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Kitchen and Diner

Prepare healthy and delicious meals with a modular commercial kitchen

Don't just take your lunch to go, take your entire kitchen and dining room to go with relocatable commercial kitchens and diners.

Typically, in remote Australian areas, finding healthy and varied food options is a challenge. To help you bring better food choices to workers, we offer a range of relocatable commercial kitchen diners that are capable of producing meals for a large workforce.

No matter the size of your camp, you can hire or buy portable commercial kitchens that let you prepare meals for groups of any size, anywhere in Australia. Safe and reliable, the units can be configured to maximize seating and improve traffic flow. You can also include self-serve coolers, beverage stations and salad bars.

Select from standard kitchen layouts or design a custom kitchen diner that works with your unique needs.

Features include:

  • Stainless steel commercial grade appliances and fixtures
  • Electric / gas options available
  • Compliant with health requirements
  • Sized to suit individual demands
  • Designed for remote locations and all climatic conditions

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