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ATCO is an experienced builder, owner and operator of independent power generation facilities in Australia and Canada.

Through our two gas-fired power facilities in Australia and our experience in supplying the National Electricity Market (NEM), we are known as a trusted, reliable and innovative partner in the delivery of energy solutions.

But our expertise doesn’t stop at gas fired generation in Australia. Backed by a strong 75 year history in the delivery of power solutions in Canada, our capabilities include designing, building, owning and operating the full range of power generation facilities including remote power generation solutions, renewables and pumped hydro. 

We’re experienced in:

  • Remote power solutions
  • Renewables
  • Hydrogen
  • Pumped Hydro
  • Cogeneration  
  • Combined-Cycle 
  • Open-Cycle 
  • Hydroelectric 
  • Coal-Fired Thermal Generating Plants

Speak to us about your site

Need power for your mine site? ATCO has been providing reliable and efficient power to the Pilbara for over 10 years. As a Global Energy provider and innovator, we’re always there, anywhere.


In Australia, ATCO is focused on owning and reliably operating power generation facilities to supply power to customers who “must keep the lights on”. We find the right technical solution that optimises power supply to match the customers’ needs and the broader electricity market context, while minimising greenhouse gas emissions. 

To meet an increasing trend toward electricity generation from renewable sources, ATCO can provide renewable generation options while also providing network support solutions to increase electricity supply reliability for our customers.

Remote Power Generation

ATCO offer expertise across energy generation, distribution and microgrids ATCO can design, develop and implement flexible, adaptable, scalable and modular solutions for remote power.