Distributed Energy & Remote Power Solutions

Need power? ATCO has been providing reliable power to WA for over 10 years. If you're looking for power, from 250kW to 250MW, we have a solution for you.

ATCO has delivered over 43 renewable microgrid projects globally. As the World moves towards de-carbonising the mining industry, it is important that you select a partner to assist in this energy transition.

At remote sites, previously energy is generally provided through diesel and gas generation on site, or by large scale central generation connected by transmission lines. Today, distributed energy can be smaller hybrid systems at the user location, reducing costs in supply as well as reducing emissions. The reduced costs of renewables (including solar panels, wind and batteries) along with newer technologies like Hydrogen electrolysers makes it easier, more cost effective and less carbon intensive for a community or mine site, to produce its own energy needs and reduce emissions. 

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Hybrid or distributed energy solutions include a mix of renewables (wind or solar), battery/hydrogen generation to store excess energy for later, as well as a diesel, gas generator or hydrogen fuel cell to provide security of supply when renewables are not available. The mixture of options within a hybrid energy system allows remote operations, communities and businesses to gather, store and distribute the energy they need in an efficient, cost effective way, also reducing their emissions.

The key to success here is the integration of these new, more affordable technologies in a seamless way.

Flexible, Modular, Adaptable, Scalable

With expertise across energy generation, distribution and microgrids ATCO can design, develop and implement flexible, adaptable, scalable and modular solutions for remote power. We’re currently working with a number of clients to design the most appropriate system for them, including mining companies and indigenous communities. 

  • Cost effective remote power

  • Hybrid systems reduce emissions

  • Systems from 250KW to 250MW

Natural Gas Generation

See ATCO's natural gas generation facilities