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Relocatable Structures

Demountable buildings to meet your every need

Productive and comfortable spaces to learn, work, and stay. From classrooms or offices, to workforce housing, prefabricated modular buildings give you the durable space you need quickly, with factory-made units that are transported efficiently and assembled on-site.

No matter what industry you work in – construction, mining, government, education, oil and gas, healthcare or commercial – we have the transportable building that works for your project. We've manufactured one of the largest rental fleets across Australia and have developed a network of offices and infrastructure in Townsville, Mackay, Gladstone, Brisbane, Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth to meet the ever-changing industry landscapes presented.

In addition to offices, your project may require staff to stay close to the work site for an extended period of time. Our dongas, bunkhouses, VIP living quarters, kitchen and diners, and recreation facilities give your workers everything they need to live comfortably with the conveniences and privacy of home. We work with you to find the most suitable solution for your crew, from simple living quarters for individuals and small groups, to large accommodation villages with various amenities.  

Modular Buildings

We help you find the right temporary site office, ablution blocks or education building, for sale or hire. And we'll handle everything from transportation and installation to demobilisation at the end of your term.

Workforce Accommodation

We specialize in remote workforce accommodation solutions for any industrial project, including mining, LNG, railway, pipeline construction to agriculture and leisure.