ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen Schools Program - Terms and Conditions


Children will be working with and around knives and gas stoves and will need to be in appropriate clothing including closed-in shoes and no loose sleeves. Please ensure long hair is tied back. Any students or adults in unsafe attire will be limited to observing for the duration of the day.

Teacher Supervision

Teachers are required to be in attendance with students at all times. Student behaviour is the responsibility of the teacher in attendance, and not that of the ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen presenters and staff.

If a student(s) within the class requires additional attention or has particular needs, please ensure that the appropriate support is provided to properly accommodate the student.


For any reason your class is unable to attend or needs to reschedule, please inform us a minimum of three weeks before your scheduled day. This will allow sufficient time to offer the date to another school.


We may like to video parts of the program and take photographs to help us improve the activities. Where appropriate, we would also like to use the images in our marketing and promotional material.

As part of the booking process we will provide a photography release approval to parents along with your school’s standard permission process.


ATCO Gas Australia collects the information in our booking form for the purpose of providing our services to you.  We may provide the information to third parties including local government, government authorities and other service providers.  For more information on how ATCO Gas Australia collects, uses, holds and discloses your personal information, see our privacy policy at​