Our Commitment

Community Engagement


Your community is our community. We know that when communities thrive, everyone benefits, which is why we are committed to supporting and empowering individuals, groups and organisations where we live and work. By partnering with a diverse range of community organisations, events and activities, we believe we can help create a long-lasting positive impact.

We engage with our local communities through; 

  • Partnerships and Sponsorships – using our financial and human resources to help in practical ways.
  • Getting our people involved – running our ATCO EPIC (Employees Participating in Communities) program, which includes employee-led fundraising, volunteering and pay-roll pledging.

We sponsor events, programs and initiatives that seek to enrich their local communities in the following areas: 

Indigenous Communities: Initiatives that support Indigenous communities through education, health and employment

Community Sustainability: Initiatives that promote community connectedness & capacity and initiatives that promote Environmental Sustainability.

Health and Wellbeing: Initiatives that support activities to encourage healthy, active lifestyles and wellbeing, and safety with a link to gas or energy use.

Education:Initiatives that promote a skilled, sustainable and diverse workforce including STEM.

Learn to cook with natural gas

The ATCO Gas Blue Flame Kitchen Schools Program is an engaging and interactive program designed for students in years five and six.

Our Vision and Values

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