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The Six Seasons Garden

Muminbulah Wilak – Six Seasons Garden

A highlight of our Clean Energy Innovation Hub in Jandakot, Western Australia is the Muminbulak Wilak – Six Seasons Garden.

ATCO employees, contractors and visitors can sit and relax and take in nature (spot a ‘kwinda’ quenda) or take the virtual garden tour to learn about local Indigenous culture and the Whadjuk Nyoongar Six Seasons.

The six seasons calendar is a very important system for Nyoongar people. They used the natural indicators of the land as a way of time keeping and utilising resources. Certain flowers will blossom, leaves will change colour and animals exhibit different behaviours to indicate the arrival of the new seasons.

Muminbulak Wilak was designed by Denice Kickett, a Whadjuk Nyoongar women in consultation with local Elders and was aptly named after the Nyoongar name given to her by her grandparents – Muminbulah Wilak – ‘Spirit of the Land’.

Did you know that Jandakot is said to mean ‘place of whistling eagle’ in Nyoongar Language?

If you would like to visit or host an event in Muminbulak Wilak please contact the ATCO Communities Team via email on

The Six Season Garden Audio Tour

Take a tour of our Six Seasons Garden. Click on the sections below to listen and learn about the different areas of the garden.

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