Our Commitment

Health and Safety

Engaging our people at every level

Health and safety is acknowledged not only as a ‘core value’ but a personal responsibility for each of our people and, as such, we continually work to maintain and improve strong health and safety performance. Our focus on safety goes beyond our employees and contractors, to include our customers who use our products and services, as well as the general public who live and work near our operations.

The challenge of diverse environments

Our gas distribution network assets cover an expansive geographic area in Western Australia’s South West and we operate power generating facilities in three separate State jurisdictions. This diversity of operations and vast geographical spread brings its own set of challenges, and ATCO Australia manages these by requiring each operation to develop site specific environmental, safety and emergency response management plans and capabilities. 

These are formulated within a centrally mandated framework and tested against it. The framework aligns to an industry accepted standard supported by policy statements written in easily understandable language and championed by Executive leadership and visible commitment, engaging our people in health and safety at every level.

Our local business operations teams are encouraged to develop and deploy their own systems within the framework in order to stimulate ‘ownership’ of the process and to encourage innovation and improvement based on local knowledge and resources.

Our Vison & Values

Our core vision is to improve the lives of our customers by providing sustainable, innovative and comprehensive energy and housing solutions globally.