Our Commitment

Health and Safety

Engaging our people at every level

ATCO’s commitment 

We view health and safety as a fundamental value and a personal responsibility for everyone involved. We take great care to regularly maintain and improve our safety performance to ensure the well-being of our employees, contractors, customers, and those who reside or work close to our operations.

Wide-Ranging Operations and Diverse Challenges

Our gas distribution network and power-generating facilities encompasses a vast geographical area in Australia. This diverse range of operations brings unique challenges that we manage by requiring each site to develop specific environmental, safety, and emergency response plans and capabilities.

We examine normal work to understand how to make it more dependable and safer.

We have developed a strategy for safety by reviewing various safety management philosophies and adapting them. We recognise that different approaches are necessary based on the capacity to adapt and rethink the safety of work.

At ATCO, we understand that upholding safety goes beyond just the physical safety of our teammates, contractors, business partners, and customers. We consider psychological safety, the safety of our assets, as well as the safety of our data and information.

Our Vison & Values

Our core vision is to improve the lives of our customers by providing sustainable, innovative and comprehensive energy and housing solutions globally.