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    As part of our proactive replacement program. ATCO will be upgrading the natural gas distribution network in Fremantle throughout 2020. Natural gas pipes in Fremantle are nearing the end of their life, with some more than 80 years old. The old PVC gas mains will be replaced with a new polyethylene gas main which will ensure the continued security and reliability of natural gas for decades to come.

    Work will be conducted in stages, from May 2020, until November. 

    Some works have been brought forward as a result of a request by City of Fremantle to expedite planned works to take advantage of decreased traffic in and around the centre of Fremantle as a result of COVID-19 restrictions, with the aim of minimising disruption to businesses, residents and visitors.

    Other works are being conducted alongside the Water Corporation, to minimise time-on-site and also reduce disruption to businesses, residents and visitors. 

    Planned Works Schedule


    Estimated timing*

    South Terrace, South Fremantle, South Street to King William St and Scott Street to Duoro Road


    Market Street from Elder Place to Collins St


    South Terrace from Market Street to Norfolk/Parry Street


    Essex Street from South Terrace to Marine Terrace


    Wray Avenue from Howard Street to Manning Street

    Collie Street from Essex Lane to Marine Terrace




    High Street, Market Street to Captains Lane (in conjunction with the Water Corporation)


    Marine Terrace, Cliff Street to Suffolk Street (in conjunction with the Water Corporation)

    October - November

    While this timing is our best estimate, when excavating sections of road we occasionally come across unexpected challenges, causing delays. We will continue to update this website and the affected businesses if that should happen.


    View Fremantle works below.



    Location: Perth, Australia

    Details: This project is part of ATCO’s proactive replacement program, in which we are upgrading the natural gas distribution network. Some of the natural gas pipes in the Fremantle area are old, worn and nearing the end of their life, with some over 80 years old.

    Date: Q2-Q3 2020

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Why is ATCO doing this work?

      Some of the natural gas pipes in the Fremantle area are old, worn and nearing the end of their life, with some over 80 years old.

      The old PVC gas mains will be replaced with a new polyethylene gas main. This work is essential in order to ensure the continued security and reliability of delivering natural gas for decades to come.

    • How will the work be done?

      The majority of the works will be undertaken using pipe insertion techniques. This involves inserting the new PE gas main into the existing gas pipe, without the need to dig a large trench.

      The benefits of this trenchless methodology is that the timeframe of the project is significantly reduced, as the old gas main is decommissioned and replaced at the same time. This method also greatly reduces the impact to pedestrians, road users and businesses in the area as this allows all works in one area to be completed at one time with no prolonged disturbances.

      This method also allows us to have a smaller site footprint and allows the teams to complete works in an area and move smoothly along the project route. It is anticipated that works will not affect any one area for any longer than a few (3-4) days.

      Excavations will still be required in the footpaths to get the pipes underground and at meter box locations, however traffic controllers will be onsite to ensure pedestrians can move safely around the area. 

      There will be fencing around areas of the immediate works sites but these will move along the project route with the project teams and once the reinstatements are complete.

    • What areas are expected to be affected by ATCO works?

      The areas that will be impacted by the installation of the new pipeline are:

      • South Terrace between South St and King William Street
      • South Terrace between Scott Street and Duoro Road
      • High Street between Market Street and Captains Lane
      • Market Street/South Terrace between Parry Avenue and Market Street
      • Market Street/South Terrace between South Terrace and Elder Place
      • Essex Street between South Terrace and Marine Parade
      • Wray Avenue between South Terrace and Brennan Street
      • Marine Terrace between Cliff Street and Suffolk Street

      A detailed map of the project area is above.

    • When will the works be happening?

      ATCO has commenced works progressively from April 2020, initially with the works on South Terrace and will continue works in the area until November 2020. 

      The section of gas main on High Street and Marine Terrace have been prioritised to be replaced in conjunction with the Water Corporation project works to avoid future, repeat disruptions and impact to the businesses and community. 


    • How long will the works take?

      Depending on the complexity and the length of the route, each section will take a varying amount of time to complete. ATCO’s replacement approach means that we do not need to excavate large areas of the road or path at one time, and are able to move on from a section of localised excavation after only 3-4 days.

    • What will be the impact on me?

      Interruptions to supply

      In order to perform the works on your gas service safely, your gas supply will be temporarily turned off whilst we connect your property to the new gas main. If you are affected, ATCO will get in touch with you and endeavour to find a time that has the least amount of impact as possible to carry out these essential works.

      Please note that as part of the works we are required to pressure test the gas supply pipework which connects the appliances in your property to the gas meter. In a small number of cases, this test may detect a leak.  If this happens we are required, for your safety, to turn off the gas and disconnect your meter. The gas supply pipework is not part of ATCO’s network which means you will need to engage the services of a registered gasfitter to locate and repair the gas leak before your gas supply can be restored. You can find a registered gasfitter on the Master Plumbers & Gasfitters website: www.masterplumbers.asn.au. 

      Impact to traffic and pedestrians

      The works are being done in conjunction with the Water Corporation’s works utilising a common contractor with the majority of the gas and water mains being laid in a common trench. The works will be predominantly in the road, and footpath access will predominantly be maintained. Traffic management will be onsite to ensure the safety of road users, pedestrians and personnel working on site. 


      We appreciate that construction can involve noisy work, including road cutting, excavating and compacting; however we will do everything we can to reduce the noise of the works when operating close to business premises and homes. 

    • What additional COVID-19 protocols is ATCO taking?

      In order to keep our customers, employees and the community safe as we conduct critical works during the COVID-19 pandemic, ATCO has implemented additional steps when working with the community. This includes:

      • Asking if anybody in the home/workplace is currently under self-isolation

      • Maintaining social distancing of 2 metres

      • Avoiding touching surfaces where possible

      • Exercising safe hygiene practices while conducting works

      Should the member of the public express that they are currently under self-isolation,  ATCO personnel will be unable to enter their premises, but can still conduct critical works outside of the home and will ensure the safety of the natural gas connection.


    Should you require any further information regarding the proposed works please contact us.

    ATCO Faults & Emergencies (24 hours) on: 13 13 52 (TTY: 13 36 77*)

    ATCO Replacement Program team (weekdays 8am– 4pm) at: constructionenquiries@atco.com

    ATCO General Enquiries (weekdays 7am-6pm) on 13 13 56* (TTY: 13 36 77*)

    or at enquiries@atco.com.