ATCO's Hydrogen Refueller

  • Hydrogen Refueller

    Located at ATCO’s Jandakot Operations Centre in Western Australia (WA), ATCO and Fortescue Future Industries (FFI) recently collaborated on the construction and operation of WA’s first Hydrogen Refuelling Station (HRS).

    The project was awarded $1 million from the WA Government’s Renewable Hydrogen Fund to support ATCO and FFI’s commitment to develop, deploy and operate renewable hydrogen production and refuelling infrastructure. In addition, the project meets the WA State Government Renewable Hydrogen Strategy goal to develop hydrogen transport infrastructure in WA.

    Contact Information

    Please email us or call us on 13 13 56. If you call ATCO, when prompted, please select: Option 2: 'Hydrogen'

    The first of its kind within WA, the HRS will provide ATCO, FFI and agreed third parties with the opportunity to refuel vehicles capable of utilising hydrogen as the primary fuel source. Capable of filling a car in less than five minutes, the HRS allows for a swift refuelling of hydrogen vehicles, with a full tank of renewable hydrogen, allowing the Toyota Mirai to travel up to 500kms emissions free.

    The HRS will use renewable hydrogen produced onsite at ATCO’s Clean Energy Innovation Hub (CEIH) through electrolysis, to fuel the hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles.

    ATCO’s CEIH is the first and only hydrogen facility in Australia utilised for cross sector coupling, producing, storing and utilising hydrogen in a number ways on site. The HRS will be utilised regularly by a fleet of 15 Toyota Mirai’s, assisting to promote hydrogen transport infrastructure with WA.

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