Join a team that celebrates innovation, hard work, and commitment.

Here at ATCO, we value the commitment of our people who go above and beyond the call of duty. We are proud to have a talented team that builds their careers in our company and we want to recognize each of them for their contributions and pursuit of excellence when they reach significant milestones as part of the ATCO family. Service awards are presented to employees annually, as well as on milestone anniversary years. 

Our employee recognition program, the ATCO Excellence Awards, pays tribute to our Founder R.D. Southern and reinforces the qualities upon which our company was built. Any employee or team from across the company, anywhere in the world, can be nominated for the ATCO Excellence Awards. 

This recognition program is comprised of four distinct Excellence Awards:

  • R.D. Southern Award for Imagination & Innovation: Ability to think outside the box and take decisive action to make improvements that benefit business outcomes, as well as contribute to improving business processes.
  • M.E. Southern Award for Community Spirit: Commitment to volunteerism and general engagement within the community, as well as providing encouragement to others to get more involved in local initiatives. 
  • G.P. Kiefer Award for Health & Safety: A champion for building a stronger culture of workplace safety and health-related programs by going above and beyond the scope of their role to set a positive example for others.  An advocate for health and safety practices by providing suggestions for improving processes and systems to prevent workplace injuries.
  • N.C. Southern Award for Growth: Identify opportunities that will result in growth for their division, or ATCO along with demonstrating a strong work ethic and dedication and be guided by integrity and determination.