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Based in Alberta, ATCO is one of Canada’s premier corporations. With approximately 6,200 employees and assets of $22 billion, ATCO is a diversified global corporation with investments in the essential services of Structures & Logistics (workforce and residential housing, innovative modular facilities, construction, site support services, workforce lodging services, facility operations and maintenance, defense operations services, and disaster and emergency management services); Utilities (electricity transmission and distribution, natural gas transmission and distribution, and international electricity operations); Energy Infrastructure (electricity generation, energy storage and industrial water solutions); Retail Energy (electricity and natural gas retail sales); Transportation (ports and transportation logistics); and Commercial Real Estate.

The long-term success of ATCO is dependent upon our ability to grow the business by expanding into new markets and new business lines. Our steadfast commitment to our five strategic priorities of innovation, growth, financial strength, operational excellence and community involvement has allowed ATCO to endure periods of economic instability while continuing to grow. At the heart of ATCO’s strategy is the desire to be a unified provider of essential services for our customers, allowing them to avoid the challenges of utilizing a fragmented network of providers. Our unique market position, integrated capabilities, and exceptional customer care combine to create a competitive advantage that is difficult to replicate, and one that continues to deliver value to share owners through exceptional earnings and dividend growth.

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Our strong financial and operating performance reflects our approach to sales and our customers, the strength and determination of our people, a deeply embedded focus on operational excellence with its inherent cost controls, and careful consideration of the environmental and social impact of our actions - now and for the future.


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If you have a general inquiry or wish to request ATCO documents, please connect with our Investor Relations team.

TSX Trust Company is our transfer agent and registrar. They can assist you with respect to dividend payments, changes in address or legal names, stock transfers, replacing lost share certificates or estate transfers.

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