Analyst Coverage

The following investment firms provide research coverage of ATCO Ltd. on a regular basis. Any published research only represents the opinions, estimates, forecasts or recommendations of the firms/analysts involved and does not represent the opinions, estimates, forecasts or recommendations of ATCO Ltd. ​

Please note that this list is provided for your information only, and that it should not be implied that ATCO Ltd. endorses, adopts, contributes to or concurs with any firm/analyst opinions, estimates, forecasts or recommendations, and ATCO Ltd. expressly disclaims any such endorsement, adoption, contribution or concurrence.

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  • Company Analyst

    BMO Capital Markets

    Ben Pham

    CIBC Capital Markets

    Mark Jarvi​

    Credit Suisse

    Andrew Kuske

    National Bank Financial

    Patrick Kenny

    RBC Capital Markets

    Maurice Choy

    TD Securities

    Linda Ezergailis