Investor FAQ

  • Where is ATCO and Canadian Utilities Limited common equity listed and what are the ticker symbols?

    ATCO and Canadian Utilities Limited trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange and have voting and non-voting shares. Canadian Utilities Limited and CU Inc. also have preferred shares that trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange. 

    Canadian Utilities is a holding company that is involved in electrical power generation, transmission and distribution; natural gas distribution, transmission, gathering and processing; and facilities management and logistics operations. It is a subsidiary of ATCO Ltd., which holds 52.2% of the company as at December 31, 2018.


    ATCO Group

    • ATCO Class I Non-Voting Shares – ACO.X
    • ATCO Class II Voting Shares – ACO.Y


    Canadian Utilities Limited

    • Canadian Utilities Class A Non-Voting Shares – CU
    • Canadian Utilities Class B Voting Shares – CU.X
    • Preferred Shares - CU.PR.C, CU.PR.D, CU.PR.E, CU.PR.F, CU.PR.G CU.PR.H, CU.PR.I


    CU Inc.

    • Preferred Shares – CIU.PR.A , CIU.PR.C
  • Do ATCO or Canadian Utilities Limited offer a dividend reinvestment plan?

    ATCO does not offer a dividend reinvestment plan.

    Effective July 12, 2012, Canadian Utilities established a dividend reinvestment plan (DRIP) for its Class A and Class B common shares. The plan was suspended effective January 10, 2019, and then subsequently reinstated effective January 13, 2022.  For more information, please visit the Dividend Reinvestment Plan section on the Canadian Utilities website. 

  • What is the difference between a registered and non-registered (beneficial) security ownership?

    Registered owners of securities hold their securities directly and most often physically possess certificate(s) evidencing their position. Non-registered owners hold their securities through a brokerage firm or other financial intermediary. "Beneficial owner" is an alternative term for non-registered holder. Most investors choose to own securities in non-registered form.

  • How do I make changes to my investment account (i.e. change of address, report and replace lost share certificates, transfer of shares)?

    Non-registered owners should contact their brokerage firm or investment representatives to request any changes to their accounts. Registered owners should contact the TSX Trust Company. ATCO cannot make address or name changes, confirm holdings or transactions or perform other administrative tasks affecting the accounts of either registered or non-registered owners of ATCO securities.

  • I am a registered owner of shares. What do I do with an uncashed dividend cheque?
    • For uncashed dividends subsequent to August 31, 2008, registered owners should contact the TSX Trust Company.
    • For uncashed dividends prior to August 31, 2008, registered owners should contact ATCO directly.