Why Invest

A Proven, Diversified and Global Enterprise


At ATCO, we strive to be at the forefront of global trends so we can deliver value - to both our customers and our stakeholders. 

We strive to deliver growth within our portfolio with a focus on select opportunities in the essential global services of: housing, logistics, and transportation, agriculture, water, real estate, energy and energy infrastructure.

ATCO is a diversified global corporation with investments in a wide variety of essential services, including:

Structures and Logistics:


Energy Infrastructure:

Retail Energy:


Commercial Real Estate

Track Record of Dividend Growth

We're extremely proud of our history of proven success, which includes having increased common share dividend each year for the past 30 years. ATCO continues to increase our dividends consistent with the sustainable growth of our investments.


In the years ahead, ATCO will continue to expand our business with a focus on disciplined capital investment in select global markets. 


Financial strength is fundamental to our both current and future success. Every day, our teams work together to ensure we have the financial capacity necessary to meet the needs of our customers as well as take advantage of potential growth opportunities. We're committed to maintaining our strong, investment grade credit ratings and ensuring that our business continues to create long-term, intergenerational success.

Our Core Values

Innovation, growth and financial strength provide the foundation from which we have built our Company. Our long-term success depends on our ability to continue offering our customers premier, comprehensive and integrated solutions to meet their needs and expand into new markets. Read more about Our Mission and Values.


1 ATCO Ltd. and its subsidiary and affiliate companies