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  • Our world is changing quickly, from the technologies we use to generate and transport energy to the needs and expectations of our customers and communities. For a company like ATCO, the confluence of these trends presents a window of opportunity – a chance to develop truly sustainable energy, housing and infrastructure solutions for this generation, and those to come.
    Coinciding with the launch of Environment Week, our 2017 Sustainability Report was released earlier today and highlights our efforts to contribute to this evolving future. The report outlines our programs and performance related to Energy Stewardship, Environmental Stewardship, Safety, and Community & Indigenous Relations.

    “Over the past year, we’ve broadened the horizons of our modular structures business, expanding our offering in sectors in need of flexible, scalable and affordable construction solutions, such as schools, medical facilities and affordable housing – infrastructure that underpins the social fabric of our communities,” said Nancy Southern, ATCO’s Chair & Chief Executive Officer. “We have also intensified our exploration of innovative new energy technologies, including electric vehicle infrastructure, renewable natural gas, hydrogen, and hybrid natural gas and solar solutions.”

    Highlights from this year’s report include:  

    ·         A 37 per cent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions since 2008

    ·         Alberta’s first electric vehicle fast charging corridor unveiled, spanning 300 kilometres

    ·         18 hybrid home pilot projects evaluating a mix of technologies including solar, natural gas, and battery storage

    ·         $2.6 billion in revenue generated in conjunction with our Indigenous partners since 2012

    ·         More than 3,000 public engagement meetings conducted as part of our Fort McMurray West 500-kV Transmission Project

    ·         More than 50 scholarships provided to students in more than 25 Indigenous communities

    For more on our performance from the past year, read our 2017 Sustainability Report