The One ATCO Conference is a beacon of collaboration, bringing ATCO people from across the globe together and uniting our diverse talents in pursuit of our extraordinary future. The conference sparks inspiration, illuminating the potential to make a difference and forge a path towards achieving audacious goals. Together, we are more than attendees, we are a community bound by a shared purpose and a collective drive for excellence.

    Here are a few key moments from this year’s conference:

    Vision, Excellence and Ambition: Shaping the Path Ahead
    Colin Jackson, Senior Vice President, Finance, Treasury & Sustainability; Adam Beattie, President, Structures; Katie Patrick, Executive Vice President, Chief Financial & Investment Officer; Wayne Stensby, Chief Operating Officer, ATCO Energy Systems; and Jason Sharpe, President, ATCO Gas & Pipelines, discussed the dynamic and uncertain times we find ourselves in, emphasizing the pillars guiding our new approach. They shared how these foundational pillars will influence our future trajectory, and the well-being of ATCO’s people.

    New Ways of Working
    Jim Landon, President, Frontec; Becky Penrice, Executive Vice President, Corporate Services; Marshall Wilmot, President, ATCOenergy and Chief Digital Officer; and Derek McHugh, Senior Vice President, Operations, delved into the crucial elements for success in the evolving workplace. They explored what we can expect from our leaders, what our leaders expect from us, and how each of us can apply these concepts to inform our day-to-day work.

    It’s Your Ship: Achieve Breakthrough Performance
    Mike Abrashoff, Former U.S. Navy Commander and author of It’s Your Ship, shared the incredible story of how he took command of the USS Benfold and improved morale and turnover so dramatically, the USS Benfold went from being one of the lowest performing ships to one of the top performers in just twelve months. He explored leadership styles and imparted that culture is everything, which is what empowered his crew to take charge to improve and evolve.

    ATCO Excellence Awards
    We celebrated our sixth annual ATCO Excellence Awards, applauding the 2023 recipients of the R.D. Southern Award for Imagination & Innovation, the M.E. Southern Award for Community Spirit, the G.P. Kiefer Award for Health & Safety, and the N.C. Southern Award for Growth. This year, with a record-high 105 nominations, we were thrilled to shine a spotlight on the exceptional achievements of our finalists from every corner of the globe.  

    Fireside Chat and Closing Remarks
    Nancy Southern, our Chair and CEO, joined by members of her executive team, wrapped up the day and reflected on ATCO’s exciting path forward.

    Following the One ATCO Conference, we are invigorated and armed with fresh perspectives and a strong sense of unity. The connections forged and knowledge gained will propel us forward, igniting a new era of innovation and success for our organization.

    To learn more about ATCO’s dedication to its people, and to discover the initiatives and values underpinning our thriving community, please visit People

    One ATCO Conference
      One ATCO Conference - Nancy Southern
      One ATCO Conference
      One ATCO Conference
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