International Women’s Day 2024: Inspiring Inclusion

  • International Women’s Day 2024: Inspiring Inclusion

    “When we inspire others to understand and value women’s inclusion, we forge a better world.”  - International Women's Day

    As we honour the remarkable contributions of women worldwide this International Women’s Day, ATCO recognizes the invaluable role women play in creating prosperity and opportunity for generations to come. From the boardroom to the production floor to the field, women have always helped shape our company’s culture and drive positive change in the communities in which they live and work.

    We brought women from across ATCO together to share their insights on fostering and inspiring inclusion, firsthand. From breaking down barriers to amplifying diverse voices, they reveal the power of collaboration, empathy, and allyship. We hope their stories ignite your passion to inspire inclusivity in your own life.

    Women’s diverse perspectives, innovative thinking, and unwavering dedication enrich the culture at ATCO, and we reaffirm our dedication to fostering an environment where diversity thrives and where every voice matters.

    Within ATCO, women comprise*:

    • 33 per cent

      of our workforce

    • 34 per cent

      of senior management

    • 33 per cent

      of Board of Director positions

    While we have achieved and exceeded many of our diversity, equity, and inclusion targets, as we celebrate International Women’s Day, ATCO recommits to breaking barriers, amplifying voices, and creating pathways for all. We will continue to champion equality, mentorship, and empowerment; these practices are critical to creating an equitable playing field and supporting the upcoming talent that our future relies on. 

    For the third year in a row, ATCO has achieved the honour of being on the Globe and Mail’s 2024 Report on Business magazine’s Women Lead Here list. This distinction, which recognizes top-notch Canadian businesses with the highest executive gender diversity, is a testament to our dedication to shaping the future through an inclusive workplace. 

    Together we can create change, one insight at a time.

    How do you inspire inclusivity?

    Fatmeh Kalouti

    Fatmeh Kalouti – Senior Advisor, Diversity Equity & Inclusion, ATCO

    "To inspire inclusion, I show up as my true and authentic self in any space that I am in. I share my identity with others, lean into vulnerability, and aim to create a sense of safety for others to do the same."

    Jenn Kellock

    Jenn Kellock – Manager, New Mains & Services Program, ATCO Australia

    "By engaging with and supporting women within the business, providing insight into experiences I have had across the years and actively encouraging women to work in field-based roles. "

    Karen Rooprai

    Karen Rooprai – Quality Advisor, ATCO Energy Systems 

    "I’m inspiring inclusivity by being here. As the only woman – and woman of colour - on my team. 

     My reason to inspire comes from an understanding of what it feels like to want to know more, to want to be part of the conversation, contributing to the solutions that really matter."

    Kirsten Sherry

    Kirsten Sherry – Health & Safety Specialist, ATCO Australia 

    "I inspire inclusivity by encouraging women to speak up and participate, inspiring them to understand the value of their involvement and by supporting women across the entire business."

    Lauretta Pearse

    Lauretta Pearse - Engineer, Distribution Improvements, ATCO Energy Systems 

    "Well, for me it's all about representation and embracing differences. I believe so strongly that going to bat for people of different backgrounds and experiences can make a huge impact."

    Lillian Kasa

    Lillian Kasa – Lead Commercial Transactions, Renewables, ATCO EnPower 

    "By celebrating differences, valuing contributions and by actively approaching people and situations with a sense of care and kindness."

    Maddy Fleischhacker

    Maddy Fleischhacker – Advisor, Indigenous Policy & Strategy, ATCO 

    "I inspire inclusivity by promoting allyship and supporting education within communities, like Indigenous groups, that are historically underrepresented."

    *as reported in the 2022 Sustainability Report

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