• Expanding Our Storage Business in Alberta

    Some exciting new developments are set to take shape at the ATCO Heartland Energy Centre near Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta—developments which not only support our commitment to providing the most valuable services and solutions possible for our customers, but also the overall economic growth of our home province of Alberta.

    On November 26, Canadian Utilities announced the expansion of our existing storage business at the ATCO Heartland Energy Centre near Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta. The expansion—made possible through the partnership between ATCO Energy Solutions Ltd. (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Canadian Utilities) and Petrogas Energy Corp.—will see the development of a new salt cavern storage facility and a regional pipeline that will connect the salt cavern facility to existing pipeline networks in the region known as Alberta’s Industrial Heartland.

    Meeting Our Industrial Customers’ Unique Business Needs

    Whether it’s energy storage options, transportation and processing services or industrial water solutions, the ATCO Heartland Energy Centre provides ready-access for the development of energy infrastructure solutions in Alberta’s Industrial Heartland that meet the needs of customers and allow them to focus on their core business.

    The ATCO Heartland Energy Centre is centrally located within the Alberta Industrial Heartland (AIH), the largest hydrocarbon processing region in Canada. With infrastructure connectivity options throughout the region, ATCO's Storage & Liquids division is able to provide a full suite of energy solutions for customers in the area.