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    It's at a time like this that John King, out of ATCO’s Whitehorse office, is reminded of a familiar phrase from the theatre: through thick and thin, and despite enormous difficulties, the show must go on.

    “The things we do are essential to life here in the North of 60—delivering fuel to power an extensive telecommunications network or distributing electricity to residential customers in the Yukon and Northwest territories—and our work continues in spite of the pandemic,” says John, who oversees our NorthwesTel telecommunications contract.  “We’re following COVID-19 protocols across our operations. There’s little room for error, so it’s important we go above and beyond to help keep the North warm, lit and connected.”

    Leaders like John and his team are striving for excellence. But the truth is, doing things the right way, and safely, is part of ATCO’s DNA. Beyond Canada’s North and across all our global operations, our people continue to do what it takes to provide essential services that communities rely on.

    In Alberta, Canada, we’re reliably delivering electricity and natural gas to over a million customers. We’re also taking great care to interact with you in the safest and most responsible way during regular or emergency service calls.

    Our people in communities across Australia are working diligently each day to ensure the reliability and safety of our gas network and power stations, while providing customers and communities with the modular structures they need, when they need them—especially on the heels of wildfires that have devastated parts of the country.

    These are unprecedented times and your wellbeing is our top priority. With the help of our Pandemic Response Plan, and an agile and experienced team, we’re doing what we can to flatten the curve of COVID-19 while maintaining our essential operations and keeping you and our people safe and healthy. 

    You are resilient, and so are we. Together, we’ll weather this storm like so many others we’ve faced.

    We’re here for you, and we’ve got this. 

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