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  • ATCO honoured with two Top Employer Awards

    At ATCO, our employees are brought together by a shared set of values, a commitment to excellence, and a determination to step up and do the work that matters. It’s this dedication over the past 75 years that has won ATCO recognition as one of Canada’s Top Employers for Young People and as one of Alberta’s Top 75 Employers in 2022.

    These designations are organized by the Canada’s Top 100 Employers project and recognizes employers that offer exceptional workplaces for their employees. Read on to learn about how ATCO is leading the way!

    Canada’s Top Employers for Young People
    Working with ATCO has bought invaluable lessons that have impacted the employee and person I am today,” says Kalista McNab, an Apprentice Powerline Technician at ATCO. For Kalista and many other young employees, working at ATCO means having access to incredible mentors, colleagues, and learning opportunities.

    We are proud to offer our young employees a mentorship program, as well as paid internships and co-op term opportunities for students. As a long-established and trusted company heading into our 75th year, working at ATCO provides infinite possibilities and new skills for young people starting their careers.

    As Nancy Southern, the Chair & Chief Executive Officer of ATCO Ltd., says, “We have so many bright young minds at ATCO, whose curiosity and talent make us a compelling force within the industries we operate. When I think about ATCO’s future, I’m confident in—and energized by—our future generation of leaders; caring, courageous and imaginative people who are charting a course towards a future in which we can all thrive. This award is an incredible achievement that all of ATCO should take pride in.”

    Alberta’s Top Employers
    Being named one of Alberta’s top 75 employers this year—the same year we are celebrating ATCO’s 75th anniversary and honouring our Alberta roots—is an incredibly special point of recognition. Driven by a pioneering spirit, we’ve grown from our humble beginnings of just 15 small utility trailers to now serving more than two million customers worldwide.

    At home in Alberta, our diverse operations have withstood many economic changes over the years, giving us the strength and the stability needed to seize new opportunities and continue to innovate for the future of Alberta, and the world. I believe that our diversity is our greatest strength, and I am so incredibly proud of the people of ATCO who are committed to excellence in all they do, each of whom make these awards possible.” - Nancy Southern, Chair & Chief Executive Officer of ATCO Ltd.

    At ATCO, we believe in going beyond the call of duty when it comes to supporting our customers, our communities, and our colleagues.

    Key points that caught the attention of the Canada’s Top 100 judges during the competition include ATCO’s:

    • Calgary-based annual EPIC (Employees Participating In Communities) charity campaign where ATCO provides time for employees to volunteer in the community and matches donations to any registered health or wellness charity.
    • Pandemic response plan that was formed in 2009 and assessed glowingly by Alberta Health Services as a gold standard in pandemic response.
    • ‘Well-being at ATCO’ program that provides psychological services and healthy living challenges for employees.
    •  Commitment to continuous learning for all employees.  

    When asked about her experience with ATCO, Lindsey Scott, Supervisor of Project Process & Implementation, says “It’s been a privilege to work for a company that’s as well-known and established in Alberta as ATCO. When I visit the field, head to the office, or log into my computer from home, I easily get a sense that I’m working for an organization that greatly values the contributions of its employees and truly goes above and beyond to support the communities in which we serve. Working for ATCO means striving to do your best every day and supporting others to do the same.”

    Rümi, a subsidiary of ATCO, who officially launched in June 2021 also made the list of Alberta’s Top Employers in 2022. Some key factors that stood out for the business include their diverse career opportunities, ongoing personal development advancements, and commitment to collaboration. “We exist to make people happy in the places where they live or work,” says Sarah Francis, Vice President, People and Customer Engagement.