Partnerships With Indigenous Peoples

Our path toward truth and reconciliation

  • ATCO forms new Indigenous Advisory Board

    On this National Indigenous Peoples Day in Canada, we are honoured and excited to announce a new Indigenous Advisory Board for ATCO in Canada.

    Learn more in this video from Nancy Southern, Chair and Chief Executive Officer, ATCO and Lillian Hvatum-Brewster, Senior Vice President, Indigenous Stewardship.

    From the high Arctic to the heart of the Prairies, from the Americas to Australia and everywhere in between, the Indigenous peoples we are proud to call neighbours, friends and partners can always count on our respect, transparency and trust.

    Despite our shared success over the past several decades, we know that we can always do more. We continue to pioneer new, collaborative models for equitable Indigenous peoples partnerships around the world, in the spirit of Truth & Reconciliation and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

    Cultivating a new global standard.

    Members of the new Indigenous Advisory Board have an incredible depth of learned experience, wisdom and guidance that will enhance the way we work and engage with our partners, while helping to develop sustainable economic opportunities for both Indigenous communities and ATCO.

    Ultimately, we hope to establish a new global standard for governments and industry that supports economic reconciliation, inclusive opportunity and truly equitable partnerships for Indigenous communities.

    Read our 2020 Sustainability report to learn more about the four pillars that guide our work with Indigenous communities across our global operations: meaningful engagement, economic participation, employment and training, and education and awareness.



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