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  • While every town, city and village has unique characteristics and appeal, they all have the essentials – buildings and services – that become the foundation of a vibrant community.

    An expert in modular construction, ATCO has nearly 70 years of experience providing modular housing to workers in remote locations but our expertise doesn’t stop at the work site. We have leveraged our expertise in temporary relocatable structures and broadened our capabilities to include permanent offsite construction. This kind of construction helps bring affordable multi-unit housing to your community for an aging population or a diverse workforce that is necessary for economic development and a boom in higher education by building new schools and classrooms.

    At the Canada Winter Games in Whitehorse, we provided modular housing that combined traditional construction with ATCO factory-built units. The result was a contemporary and durable structure that housed 3,500 athletes during the Games and was later transformed into student and seniors housing for the area.

    In addition to housing, our offsite construction capabilities include commercial buildings, like office complexes, schools, gas stations and healthcare facilities – all the basic building blocks of any community.


    Beyond the box

    ATCO has proven its ability to deliver large, complex projects, but our capabilities extend far beyond just structures. In addition to building and delivering new facilities for communities, we provide a wide array of service solutions for their ongoing operations, from facility maintenance to janitorial and food preparation services.

    In Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan we manage the operations and maintenance of the NATO Flying Training in Canada facilities. Our support and maintenance of equipment and infrastructure mean that assets are protected, energy is saved and unforeseen costs are reduced for our customers.  


    There for you when you need us

    As evidenced by the recent wildfires in Fort McMurray, Alberta, disaster can strike at any minute and can quickly go from bad to worse. During those unforeseen and catastrophic events, our emergency response capabilities can help rebuild communities and get them back on their feet quickly. Within days of the wildfires, ATCO built a modular housing facility that accommodated nearly 200 emergency responders. In the weeks to follow, we provided 56,000 meals to returning residents.

    Back in 2013, during the Alberta floods, we were a valuable partner in providing temporary offices, housing and the fire department command centre.   

    From the buildings that house essential services and the maintenance required to keep those facilities operating, to the emergency response facilities and services that detail how to protect people and assets in the event of a disaster, ATCO has you covered.

    Image caption: ATCO provides operations and maintenance support to keep your facilities running smoothly.