• Clean Hands, Full Hearts – Community-Minded Distillery Gives a Hand (Sanitizer) to Flatten the Curve

    During these uncertain times, it has been amazing to see how local businesses have been stepping up – and changing up – to support their communities. One such example is Calgary’s Burwood distillery, known for their flavourful gins and honey influenced spirits. With the onset of the pandemic, they’ve changed their production to create a type of alcohol that is in high demand for people of all ages – hand sanitizer!

    For the past few weeks, Burwood distillery has been going above and beyond to ensure that their fellow citizens, businesses and non-profit organizations have access to hand sanitizer, and ATCO is proud to have played a part in this initiative. When we heard that they were shifting some of their spirit production to hand sanitizer, we reached out to purchase some for our offices and facilities. Our contact at Burwood mentioned that they had a shortage of bottles, so our supply chain team jumped into action, quickly sourcing a thousand 500ml bottles over the weekend, arranging for delivery and donating them to this great cause. We caught up with Jordan Ramey, co-founder of Burwood Distillery, to learn more: