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  • Beyond O&M: Infrastructure Solutions for Facilities

    Frontec will help you streamline your operations with Operational Support Services for your facilities and designed for your unique needs.

    You streamline your operations with automation and simplified processes, why not streamline your facilities management responsibilities? Assign all your maintenance and infrastructure peripheral support to one single vendor so you can get back to your core competencies.

    When you work in remote locations, defense and government organizations or heavy industries, you rely on particular industrial and technical knowledge to keep your organization running smoothly and to minimize risks. Especially in remote locations where weather may be extreme, communication is not always reliable, and where you may be working with hazardous materials, the maintenance and management of your work site can be complex. Let us carry the load with integrated facilities management that includes a full suite of infrastructure solutions.

    More than just HVAC and electrical work, we specialize in site support services for remote communities and military organizations. From communications and radar services and fuel management in Canada’s remote north to on-site fire and medical services and airfield services for our troops, we deliver site support solutions where they are needed.