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  • Keeping the North Connected

    NWTel Radar Site

    Frontec's joint venture NASCo has been providing operations and maintenance services for NorthwesTel's 160 microwave sites across Northern Canada for over 20 years.

    Frontec supports telecom provider for 20 years and counting

    Vibrant, historic, and increasingly recognized for its tourism appeal, life in the North also has its challenges, with the northernmost regions inaccessible for a few months of the year due to its location and constant deep freeze.

    Spread out over 4 million sq.-km, Canada's North is home to a diverse mix of both small communities as well as thriving cities—like Whitehorse and Yellowknife—that drive commerce and government operations and depend heavily on telecommunications to keep them connected. And that requires around-the-clock facilities management by a trusted maintenance provider to ensure communications services are uninterrupted.

    NorthwesTel delivers essential telecom, internet, and mobile services in the North, and has chosen Frontec to continue to provide facility maintenance and logistics services at 160 microwave sites across Northern Alberta, Northern British Columbia, the Northwest Territories, Nunavut and the Yukon.

    “We are so pleased to continue to support NorthwesTel,” said Jim Landon, Senior Vice President & General Manager of Frontec.  “Our people have extensive knowledge and expertise throughout this region and for decades have been supporting, partnering and providing innovative solutions to customers and communities in Canada’s North.”

    The NorthwesTel project is operated by the joint venture between ATCO and the Northern Aboriginal Services Company (NASCo), and includes the inspection and maintenance of all power generating systems, diesel fuel supply, procurement services, and emergency callouts for power-related issues. 

    With demanding performance targets to ensure 99.990% system availability, there is little room for error. That’s why we go above and beyond to help keep the North connected.