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  • ATCO-mentored team wins JA Company of the Year

    JA Winning Team

    As we celebrate National Volunteer week in Canada, we want to recognize the many dedicated volunteers within the ATCO family around the world who share their time and expertise with the communities we call home.

    In Calgary, for the last sixty years, Junior Achievement Southern Alberta has been changing the lives and career paths of thousands of youth in the city and surrounding areas. Our founder, R.D. Southern, and other local business leaders were instrumental in bringing Junior Achievement (JA) to Calgary, recognizing the value of teaching financial literacy and entrepreneurship to the next generation of business leaders. 

    The JA Company Program is a hands-on program that provides students with the opportunity to experience the risks and rewards of entrepreneurship by starting up and operating an after-school business. Over an 18-week period, 165 dedicated volunteers share their time and business experience to mentor and advise nearly 600 high school students through this incredible program.

    During this year’s annual JA program celebration and awards event, one special group of students, supported by seven mentorship volunteers from ATCO, was recognized for their entrepreneurial spirit. Team “Beeyond Wraps” was honoured with the Company of the Year award, highlighting the students work to develop sustainable, 100% cotton sheets glazed with an organic beeswax mixture to create handmade, eco-friendly food wraps to replace single-use plastics.

    “Beeyond Wraps did such an amazing job this year, and there is no doubt that their ATCO mentors played a huge part in their success,” says Melissa From, President & CEO, JA Southern Alberta.

    Congrats to these hard-working students, and to our incredible employees who go above-and-beyond to make our communities feel more connected.