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  • Repairs to renovations: delivering mobile refurbishing service

    bringing your workforce housing back to life

    You can throw away a lot of things when they’ve broken down, but even if your remote housing, such as wellsites or crew quarters, have seen better days, there’s just far too much function left in what once housed oil and gas workers to simply dispose of them.

    Enter: ATCO’s mobile refurbishing program. Whether the trailer has been damaged or has a lot of wear and tear from the workers who lived in it, the refurbishing team and their fully loaded gooseneck trailer can transform these units to new condition with a few days’ notice, anywhere.

    We’re capable of travelling anywhere in the Lower 48, tearing apart one of our buildings, or even one of our competitor’s, and putting it back together. Whether it’s a drill site, at a camp or in someone’s yard, it doesn’t matter. Wherever we need to be, we go.

    Started in January 2014, ATCO’s mobile refurbishment program has been a huge boon for oil and gas companies affected by the downturn. Because most small producers’ budgets don’t allow for brand new worksite housing, refurbishing saves money twice by avoiding new purchases and removing the costs of transportation. And it’s efficient too--the team can usually turn around a complete renovation within four days.

    • Structures Refurbishing - Before
    • Structures Refurbishing - Before
    • Structures Refurbishing - Working

    “As a manufacturer, our goal obviously is to build as much new product as we can,” says Dan McGinnis, Manager, Special Projects. “But in the oil and gas downturn, we started getting creative.”

    “This way,” he adds, “our clients have a chance to get their equipment fixed while it’s idle, get them ready for the next cycle.”

    The process begins with the team arriving on location to photograph the unit’s condition, then returning to the office to put together a quoted package that includes everything the trailer will need. Then, after a rate has been negotiated, the team is sent into the field to fix electrical issues, plumbing or other remodelling work.

    Because the program is unique, a lot of the training happens in the field, with team members adapting as they go. But the program also draws on the existing skills of ATCO employees, many of whom have previous experience in ATCO’s manufacturing facilities. And it’s no coincidence that a program designed to extend the life of work site trailers is also providing invaluable information about how ATCO trailers are being used and how they might be improved.

    “It does keep us in tune with our customers’ needs,” says McGinnis. “We learn things by sending our guys out to their sites, getting feedback on our designs from the actual people who are using the buildings.”

    With projects completed in nearly 30 states, the program has proven a success. In fact, imitators have sprung up, mimicking the model. But with a dedicated crew who continue to improve their approach, ATCO leads the way.