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  • Orange Shirt Day: it’s about resiliency and reconciliation

    On Orange Shirt Day, we recognize the impact of Residential schools on Indigenous Peoples in Canada.

    Every September between 1831 and 1996, students from Indigenous communities across Canada were taken from their families and were forced to assimilate to Western culture—losing their language, traditions and cultural identity.

    It’s crucial that we acknowledge and remember the 150,000 children who attended these schools and honour their bravery and resiliency.

    As part of our own reconciliation journey, we support people of ATCO wearing orange shirts on September 30, listening to the story of Phyllis who has bravely shared her personal experience, and continuing the conversation at work and at home. 

    In addition to recognizing important observances throughout the year, we endeavor to create positive change and create awareness of Indigenous Peoples through virtual learnings and events, training and development opportunities—including the University of Calgary Indigenous Relations Training program—and the promotion of  diversity and inclusion in our workforce.

    Join us in taking a moment to acknowledge this piece of Canada’s history and honour the resiliency of Indigenous Peoples.


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