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  • Our 2018 Sustainability Report Is Now Available

    Coinciding with the kick-off of Environment Week, our 2018 Sustainability Report was released today, highlighting our efforts to provide our global customers with reliable, sustainable and comprehensive solutions that not only meet their unique needs, but make their lives easier. The report outlines our performance and integrated solutions through four forward-looking lenses: Energy Stewardship, Environmental Stewardship, Safety, and Community & Indigenous Relations.

    Sustainability is more than an ideal—it is how we’ve always done business—and it is interwoven into our decisions, our projects, and services.  Our Sustainability Report highlights the efforts of our people to leverage new and emerging technologies and methods of working that allow us to deliver truly sustainable energy, housing and infrastructure solutions for this generation, and those to come.

    “Innovation for innovation’s sake isn’t enough: we listen closely to our customers to identify the right mix of technologies, tailored to their specific needs,” says Nancy Southern, Chair & Chief Executive Officer, ATCO.

    “Our customers are our partners in everything we do and maintaining our connections with them has never been more important. Within our Alberta electricity and natural gas businesses, over 90 percent of our customers agree we have a strong reputation in their community.”

    Highlights from this year’s report include:  

    • Over 1,000 solar panels installed globally in 2018
    • A one-million-litre planned reduction in diesel consumption through the use of renewable energy combined with natural gas, in two remote communities
    • A 37 percent reduction in direct GHG emissions since 2008
    • A 35 percent reduction in employee total recordable injury frequency since 2017
    • More than 1,600 connections with landowners, municipalities and Indigenous communities in 2018 as part of our Fort McMurray West 500-Kv Transmission Project
    • 47 revenue generating partnerships, joint ventures and relationship agreements with Indigenous communities, including 13 additional engagement commitments signed with Indigenous communities in 2018

    For more on our performance from the past year, please check out our 2018 Sustainability Report.