• Our People in Puerto Rico: Christa

    Last month, we introduced you to Jessica, who had just moved to Puerto Rico to support LUMA, our new company formed with Quanta Services. Next up, we connect with Christa, Workforce Mobility Advisor, Human Resources. Christa, her husband, Ryan, and their 2.5-year-old daughter, Naomi, will be enjoying island living for the next two years. Here are Christa’s first impressions of living in and loving Puerto Rico.

    What’s your favourite LUMA moment?

    As we’ve been out and about and you tell people that you’re here with LUMA to transform the electricity system, a lot of people have responded with their own stories about how they lived without power for so long. In general, people have been very thankful that we’re here, and I’m excited about the opportunity that we have to increase the reliability of the electricity on the island.

    Do you have a favourite moment from your time in San Juan so far?

    When we’d only been here for two weeks and my family was still living at the hotel, there was a large tropical storm and we were all a bit scared. The lady of the front desk, whom I recognized, but didn’t really know, brought my daughter a My Little Pony toy to keep her distracted, saying “Anything you need, you tell us. You are family now!” I teared up – it was such a beautiful gesture, especially when you’re so far from home. Even though we’ve now moved into our apartment, our neighbours continue to be so welcoming; the people here are so generous and passionate.

    Is there something in particular you’re looking forward to while you’re living here?

    I can’t wait to work on my Spanish and watch my daughter begin to pick it up and make friends – it’s such a great opportunity for her too. And my husband and I will be celebrating our 10-year anniversary in a few months, and he’s making big plans for a romantic getaway to the bioluminescent Mosquito Bay on the island of Yunques.

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