• Protecting Yourself from Scams

    Occasionally you might be contacted by phone, email, or in-person by individuals posing as ATCO employees. To keep you and your information safe, it’s important for you to know when and how we contact you, so you’ll know when to be on alert.

    Here are a few of the times you will hear from us. If you think there may be some mischief going on, please call us to follow-up. 

    Contact Us

    ATCO - 1-403-292-7500

    ATCO Gas Emergency - 1-800-511-3447

    ATCO Electric Emergency- 1-800-668-5506

    • To confirm or change an appointment booking for a service technician to visit your property
    • To discuss any meter reading discrepancies
    • To advise you of projects in your area
    • To notify you of a planned power outage affecting your site: you will receive an automated phone call and (if applicable) an email with outage details.
    • To respond to your inquiry 
    • If you have requested a text reminder, we will text you with your appointment details
    • If you have registered your site(s) on My ATCO Electricity App and have push notifications turned on, you will receive notifications and updates in the event of an unplanned outage event in your area.


    • To exchange your meter
    • To investigate a safety concern (e.g. smell of gas, a hit line)
    • To read the meter dial
    •  To inform you of a project in the area
    • To drop off information of work in the area


    Will you need access to my home?

    In the event we are going to need access to your home to check your furnace or other gas appliances, you will have been contacted by ATCO in advance. There are two exceptions to this:

    • If there is a gas outage in your area, ATCO will go door to door to ensure your furnace is working again and relight gas appliances.
    • In the event of a power outage in your area, an ATCO emergency representative may ask you to reset your breaker panel in your house and/or outside at the pole.

    What will an ATCO employee look like?

    ATCO employees will be driving an ATCO-branded truck and wear the following uniform:

    •  ATCO Gas employees will have a blue uniform
    •  ATCO Electricity employees will have an orange uniform
    • An ATCO sewn badge
    • An ATCO identification tag

    How we handle a scam

    If you contact us to report a scam or fraud, we will take your information and the details of the communication you had with the scammer. We will determine if the communication is from us or not and, if not, will share the information with our security department, who will also alert the RCMP if necessary. We will also post the scam details on this page and on social media to ensure other customers are informed about the scam.

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