We’ve long championed the development of hydroelectric infrastructure in Canada and around the world. As a vital source of clean electricity, offering reliable baseload generation and dispatch (back-up) control, we believe hydroelectric power is an important part of the renewable energy fuel mix of the future. We're proud to lead the energy transition with the Veracruz Hydro Station and Oldman River Hydro Plant, which add 67 MW to ATCO’s renewable portfolio.

Veracruz Hydro​

In late 2017, ATCO acquired Electricidad del Golfo (EGO) Hydro and its 35 megawatt (MW) hydroelectric power station in Veracruz, Mexico. Power generated at the plant supplies more than 200 convenience stores with renewable energy. Learn more about our operations in Mexico.

Oldman River Hydro​

The Oldman River Hydro Plant is a 32 megawatt (MW) run-of-river project in southern Alberta, commissioned in 2002. The facility is jointly owned by ATCO and the Piikani Nation – one of 35 Indigenous partnerships we are privileged to foster across Canada. Power generated at the plant meets the needs of up to 25,000 households.

Oldman River

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