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Electricity and gas for your home and business.

When you choose ATCOenergy as your energy retailer, you’re choosing electricity and natural gas plans built by Albertans for Albertans. As an Alberta energy company, we’re here to provide clarity about how you use and pay for energy in our province.  

It’s the energy we share that turns life's everyday moments into lasting memories. From the heat under a home cooked meal, to the light in the window welcoming you home, we provide the energy, so you can make the memories.  

ATCOenergy, along with Rümi and Blue Flame Kitchen work together to make your home the happy, stress-free place it was meant to be. 

Energy Plans Made for Albertans

  • Home Energy Plans

    Choose a guaranteed or wholesale rate for your home’s electricity and/or natural gas.

  • Business Energy Plans

    Connect with a local expert as you choose a guaranteed or variable rate energy plan for your business.

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Guaranteed or Market Rates?

Guaranteed rates are, well, guaranteed! The rate you pay per kWh or GJ won’t change. Only the amount of energy you use will impact your bill.

Our ATCO Advantage rates follow the rise and fall of market prices with no added markup.

“Wholesale energy rate” means the variable energy rate established by (i) the Alberta Electric System Operator hourly pool price for electricity or (ii) the Alberta Energy Company 5A Daily natural gas rate, plus all applicable third party charges related to the supply of energy to your home.

The ATCO Advantage Rate Plan is available to residential customers who enter into a new agreement (an “Agreement”) with ATCO Energy Ltd. (“ATCO”). Subject to the terms and conditions of their Agreement, this plan: (i) will allow such customers to pay the wholesale energy prices that ATCO pays (during the initial term of their Agreement); and (ii) can be accessed by paying a fee per day for each service of electricity or natural gas to a site. 

Delivery related charges, taxes, monthly administration or daily flat fees for each electricity or natural gas site are extra. Distribution costs, taxes and miscellaneous charges are dependent on usage and service area and will remain applicable regardless of the retailer you choose.